September 27, 2011

18 in 2011

jyeaahhh , now i want tell everyone in the world that my ages now is 18 . SO WHAT ? but can i stay at this ages only , haaa ? wahhh , at a first time celebrate my birthday at Uitm Arau, Perlis . in the raining day it's so romantic day . HAHAHA ! LOL :D 

it's start with they come to my room Yana, Yantie, Teya and Nadya . they close my eyes with a shawl maybe . then Teya carry me at her back . they take me until in a bathroom at Collage Dahlia 2 . with what i guess they give me a "special suprise party" with what ? "AIR SABUN 2 BALDI , SOFTLAN AND BEDAK JOHNSON'S BABY" MANDIIIII BUNGAAAA SO COLD LAA BABE , HAHAHA ;D *then diorg pon kena balik dgn aku .

chocolates , HAHA ! we eat together with our dry clothes . its  very very coldddd ! ahhh . Araustralia, Perthlis kann ? ;D
wahhhh , very amazing evening . then Yana play me Happy Birthday songs with her guitar . so sweet dear ! tenkiu cause celebrate me in this way . errrr -.- i keep in my memory ;) and who those wish my birthday at facebook or during on the phone thanks a lot even i hide my birhtday at facebook they still remember me :') wahh , tears in my eyes because my mom borned me as i am .

#27 SEPTEMBER 2011.