December 21, 2011


Assalamualaikum and Hai !
Long times noo see yaa ouhh my sweet blog :)
Oke , I'm very a busy student lately . Many of practical sites want to complete with my group in less than a week before mid sem holiday . It was tiring . My group and I were forced to find another times out of our schedule in a day . We must to fix up our work on the field just in this week only because we should submit our field report to our lecterure and especially engineering surveying subject . Waaaaa ! It have a lot of homework to do during this holiday . I listed that ; CTU Assignment , MAT 183 Tutorial , Cadastral Report and Engineering Tutorial . HOHOHO :O But I think it never force me to do that work . I have to study hard for this semester and the important is after mid sem holiday I sit for a lot of test . haiyaaa -.- That nothing to call holiday laa , LOL :D

#The best is today that is in the class . Starting in the morning until the end of the class which are in Cadastal , Engine and Astronomy subject because I got everything that lecturer teach me :) It all about calculation and also the mood of our lecturer today is a good mood .
It doesn't matter we must stand on a chair or stand up or get out from the class , HAHA *It dedicated to my hot tempered Engineering Lecturer :D