January 14, 2012


Jyeahhhh , because of last semester I'm not attend this event so for this semester I'm going . HOHOHO ;D Just having fun with friend while taking a lot of photos in every each game that we participate . I join the game 'BIG PUZZLE' that just need only 4 members and we win on the first place and other friend also win for the other game too , CONGRATULATION ! Balqis, Shahira Baharom , Nabila and I are group members . Almost all the game such as Futsal (boy) , Rounders , Netball , Boling Padang , Big Puzzle , Spongebob , Music Chair , Tarik Tali and others that participate are come from our class AcBc :) They are SUPER COOL AND SUPPORTING MEMBERS , jyeahhhhhh ! Actually , I want to play Rounders too but maybe next time . Sadly , not all Geomass Students attend to support this event . Its like just our class there , HAHA ;D It just more to 'lepak-ing' that make we more more and more close , talking a lot and laughing together . Its loud of our voice ! So for the next semester our part that will manage this event . Its sound excited and feel like it would be super duper awesome ! 
#sorry for the picture that did not upload yet so just this picture only , HEHE :)