April 7, 2012


Haiyaaaa, seriously in this week it been a few day that I have really won't to sleep. Why haaa? It since for a long time begin. I'm were really hard to start sleeping. Hmmm, so how can I do? Am I Insomnia? I hope it not a serious case for me. As always when I can't sleep. I do something like reading novels, facebook on the phone, playing games or watching movies. Do people can text me even in the midnight. HAHA! Because I'm not sleep. I just can leep early around 3 o'clock and if I really really tired. But even I'll do something like that, it also hard for me to close my eyes. At the last, I can sleep after Solat Subuh. Hmmmm, pening -.-

So, I suggest to all people that have same problem with me read this article,
http://www.ehomemakers.net/my/article.php?id=525 .
Don't be so worried :) Every problem have a solution!