May 19, 2012


Jyeahhhhh! Finally I'm arrived at Gambang Water Park. However, Gambang is not a big like Sunway but it's fun when I can go with my lovely dovey girlfriends. HEHE! 11 of us including me went by 2  Kancil car that the owner are Zaty and Zuley :) Everyone had their partner but me alone. Oke whatever. HAHA!
Oke let me introduce you Gambang Water Park :D

These are the example game that have in Gambang. Still don't have a lot of game because it new. But the game give me heart attack to play again. But it awesome and cool babe. I want play again and again but my friend and I were running out of energy to climb the stair to get up. Wahhhhhhhhhh, seriously awesomeeee!

Enjoyyyyyyyyy !