November 11, 2011


Fuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !
I guess that I can go to our trip or can call holiday with my friends but I can't . This all because my parent don't give permission to join them . POOR ME ! Firstly , I very mad but I can't do anything . Seriously I want to protest my parent and deragatory them . They said at me that "A TIMING IS DOESN'T SUIT" . Haisssssshhhh ! So when I free to go or join any trip outside and sleeping there too ? They said "UNTIL GET JOB" ! HAHAHAHA . Ggggggrrrrr ! The point is they can't give me sleep out from house . It's so funny but outing with my friends at town is given , so how should I do ? Ermmmm , yeahhh I am thier daugther so must follow them . But actually I'm not really regret it because I do not have enough money . During this semester two is coming I must use a lot of money to buy my stuff . Hmmmmmm ! So sad to be me :(

My friends now enjoy themselves . Meeting , laughing and talking ourselves . See they go without me . They also can't do anything if i can't join them . They should probably remember me or not ? If I go or not maybe it be same for them BUT maybe it not happen like I think I trust them . When can we gather again ? Semester two is coming and less than a week I should go to Perlis . Jealousy actually ! Maybe next time , just maybe and maybe -.-