October 13, 2011


HAI , starting from yesterday i'm so jealous about my friend profile . they update their profile nicely , ah ! HAHA . then , me ? that chance has a laptop in front me so i start . i'll find a sourses of inspiration in their profile to do "itu ini"  . and just a while i found a blog that i can learn about "itu  ini" from that call BLOG TUTORIAL . HAHAHA ! its fun . an uncovered that secret how to make "itu ini" so i know that from . one by one i open a tutorial i learn it . such a simple thing , aha . normally from a midnight until dawn  . MASYAALLAH ! i'm not really advance to modify all my template . just try the functional "bende alah" nie . at least one of learning i make for future that how to modify link or widget just make what i want . at the main is i must learn about a computer that is super duper perfect sooner . at last my brain explode ! HAHA :D