December 1, 2011


Hye guys ! Lately I watching Nora Elena episodes in my housemate laptop because I didn't watch this story yet . So you know that the actor Aoran Aziz is really romantics , cool and patient husband in this story . My friends and I was crazy with him because of his body and he was really handsome too . I love to have that kind of person like him too . Seriously , I think I was choosy person . I didn't know who the kind of person that I want . I'm curious about this . Sometimes as a girl I feel want to fall in love with a charming boy but it was dreaming to find someone like that because I'm not a beautiful and short . Maybe the times was not suitable to get in love now . Later maybe , who knows ? My times was not coming yet so I'll be wait . Actually , it were a few people want to get close with me . My mind set it should was be a friends only no more than that but a few people also say that they want to get close with me more than a friends . Poor them for a reject then I never want to get close to them anymore . I'm so sorry because I was not ready and I didn't want to make in love with them . So who the next person ? I'm curious because I'm wanting someone who can get into my heart . Just wait and peace :)