December 9, 2011


She is My Best Friend in my collage . Almostly , everywhere she go must has I but not at all . Poor her because her leg was 'broke' by herself . HAHA ! She falling down at jetty away to Langkawi . Her ankle was swollen . I told her to check her ankle at UK (Unit Kesihatan) . After check , the doctor said to give her either some holidays or wearing *tongkat yang orang patah kaki tuhh apa nama ? . HAHA :O At this time she really want me to help so I gives my hands when everytimes she want use me . But yesterday she went back home took Sani Bus back Putrajaya by her own . Me , Daniel and Ajim sent her at the bus station until she gone . HEHE ! Before that , she bought us Chaw Kuey Tiow and Milo Ice . We ate BIG CHAW KUEY TIOW that Daniel ordered . All same ! brb , kenyang , LOL ! I gonna miss you girl :')

p/s: Take care oke ! Hope kaki tuhh cepat baik laa yee . Bole laa main lari-lari . HAHA ! yeee OKU ? 
OKU OKU OKU , heeee :) marah tak ?