January 23, 2012


How can I start my entry ? heeeeee :) Oke, because of Gong Xi Fa Chai , all people have their own holiday journey but me ? I can't back to home :( Its far , far , far away and expensive ticket too . Also tired and waste my time to spend the whole day in a bus . fuhhhhhhh -.-"
Its like a sudden Balqis did'nt back too . So , we plan to go Penang also with her friend called Atiqah and stay atiqah's grandmother home for two days . At her house , I meet her big family . haiyoooo -.- kebetulan ramai pulak ada kat rumah die , malu tau ! First time datang dah dapat mkn rendang Maktok die buat .
, yummmmy :) Then at night we play Bowling with Atiqah's cousin and sisters and relatives . I get 76mark , 2marks more than Balqis . kihkihkihkih :D And Atiqah is champion in this game :)

Between I and Balqis is Atiqah at the middle :) Hello , new friend ! BUt she is 24 years old this year . *tak macam 24 kann ? HEHEHE ;D yeahhh , I pon tak mcm19 kann ? Well , awek muda :P And this is our picture at penang . Jyeahhhhh , for the fisrt time I'm arrive at Penang . (dan juga pertama kali lalu atas jambatan Pulau Pinang yg panjang tuhh) , HOHO . Seriously beautiful nature and the road like at Kuala Lumpur . The building and shooping mall also big and nice . If I stay there , I can imagine how the crazy am I shopping , well shopaholic :)