February 1, 2012


Seriously , I don't like to know each other through the phone . Seriously don't like ! So please to the owner of unknown number that come from everywhere , anywhere and who you are , I'm really don't care . If you have important information that should I know please contact me back . But 100% I'm believe , totally the owners are contact me just want to know me and an easy word can I give 'mengorat' , HAHA ! Yelaaa , as usually that you say wanna be friend only and after that ? Go more further , haiyaaaa apa nie -.- What the matter that I should still knowing you just in the phone ? Sorry , I don't know who you are so please step backward :) heeeeee ! Coppppps , even you are superb handsome , I'm also don't care . I just can still accept introduce for face-2-face relation from in the phone . Do you scared ? Be gentle oke , you are the man ! For me , the safety is I just only give my number phone to the person who only I know their face only :) Who know they are BACKSTABBERS ^^ syuhhhhh ! And for the readers know , I'm not the person who 'JUAL MAHAL' and I'm really friendly friend :D
*Tak kenal maka tak cinta :)


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