June 6, 2012

Semester Two Break

Wahhhhhhh! Everything that I dream before semester break are done already with successfull but my pocket money sudah kering. So sad, hahaha. Geuss what I dream about? Oke I will share with readers, heeeeeeeeee ;) Ouhhhh, firstly thanks a lot to my bestiest because spend your time with me. Without you all, I can't fullfill my kesangapan di kala berada di Arau yang tak ada apa-apa tuhhh :D There are what I want to do during 2 month and half holidays;

1. Go to Gambang Waterpark. (I go twice oke) 
2. Eating Big Apple Donught and Pizza Hut.
3. Play Bowling with my lovely dovy friends.
4. Movie time. (I watch Aku Ada, Kau Ada?)

Haaaa, I do everything. Fuhhhh, finally my mission is complete. Hohohohoho ;O But for your information, for the first time I go to Taman Bandar at Indera Mahkota, Kuantan to play "KAYAK". You know ber-kayak? Huuuuu. It awesomeeeeeeeeee but tiring. Oke I'm can raise my muscle hands. Haha. Jyeahhhh, its really tiring with my small body and small energy. We must have a good energy and self confidence. Because I really want try once so I do or maybe more. Behind the kayak time, it's has a story that one of the student UIA, he like to lepak-ing there to play that kayak that Ieka who my besty like him a lot. Actually he quite handsome too. Hahahaha. We decide to usha him. So our plan maybe it's successfull or not it doesn't matter. Hmmmm, so by using my phone number, I message The Pakcik that we get his number from his business card who work there, asking for that boy number. Then, the pakcik reply that he should ask him first when they meet again because he already at home. Hahaha, how come kan being a woman? It's so terrible and shame shame. Haha. So I hope Ieka, you get him phone number oke? Good Luck! Then, what else? Anything that I miss to share? Hmmmm, nothing kot. But I want just mention that my semester two break will over soon or over sooner. Kbye with new life semester. Hope you can be better and more better Irah, Haha :D

Maybe I will miss my little darling, Comel :')