August 20, 2012

Not anymore :)

Assalamualaikumwarahmatullahhiwabarakatuh :)
That salam is my first message. Through facebook go to twitter then phone number. Day by day, message by message, talk by talk. Knowing other people life give me interest to know more. Now I don't want to stop a single message even one day. The more I said good night or goodbye, the more I want you to stay. My phone is active now not like before that sleep everyday. I don't know why. Why the similarity are a lot between us? It like destiny. Hehe :D Sometime people can't estimate who they will know one day. Just like me. I do not know everthing about that person who find me through facebook with my nickname and found lastly. I'm appreciate it. Knowing me secretly from far for such a long time while I do not know anything. How come?


The message 'I'm falling in love with you' on 27th of July 2012 at 3.06 a.m that give me heart attack >.< I feel wanna to cry that time. *Terharu sangat-sangat* I feel like want to fall in love too but I stay calm and think rasional. The relationship that too rush or too push, I hate it. Smoothly and slowly, I love it :) I think this is a perfect time that I should give my heart a LOVE. This time I'm serious! But about the status 'couple', I do not want to use it. Trusting each other and know you love me and I love you, I think this is more than enough. I'm so sorry because I think I rather fall in love with my BFF. But you to me, I can't make you as my BFF but as Teman Tapi Mesra. BFF is too formal to menggedik and mengada dgn you, heeee :D Maybe because of your hard pray to Allah, you get what you want, and that it is me. Thank you for mention me in your pray :') 

Thank You! There is no other word that I can say. Thank you for appear this time. Please know that you are comfort to me. Don't be jealous for other guy who with me. This is first time to me when I meet someone, I feel too shy and low self-esteem toward person but I don't show obviously. Different from before when I start have a 'couple'. A word 'couple' I hate it because I'm fobia to have a couple. I learn from my history. It too terrible to remember. Thank You again. You are too good to me and I have nothing just a word to thanking you :)

Yesss, it relieved. Now I am not alone anymore. Not anymore :)