August 18, 2012

Pelita Ohh Pelita :)

Hai Readers :)
How your preparation for Hari raya? Everything is done smoothly?
Yaaa, fasting month wanna go again and maybe comeback fo next year, Insyaallah. Heee xD
My fasting month, it were a lot of thing that I had done. Test, assignment, fieldwork and drafting. Blaa Blaa Blaa and Blaa. Haiyaa so tired meh -.-" Hmmm, and I got really bad appetite in food during this month also :( I can't ate well and I can't slept well. Maybe in several days I counted the days that I can't slept for whole day. Haa, too bad with the big eyebag and I can't ate Nasi for a few days just drink a lot. Hohoho -.-

So whatever, I must challenged it with patient. Huhuhu. Oke here I wanna to share about an event that I join in this month. Actually it had many event during this month but I choosed to go Berbuka Puasa with Kanak-kanak Arau. There only girls that around 13 to 18 years old. First time experienced was really good. I became famous at that time because of a small body that I can't avoid it. This body attracted people to look at me. So shy :3 The adik-adik there asking me a lot of question. Of course they ask my aged firstly. I answered them that I was 13 years old. Haha. They don't believed it. So I said my real aged. So they satisfied :) What question that gave me shocked was why 'Akak so kecik'? How dare they asked me that kind of question? Hahaha. I'm just laughing only :D

Ohh, when I still at a college. Hari Raya mood was everyday to me because my college planted the pelita in front of our houses at every house in Beringin College. Another college do not envy us oke? :) For the evidenced were I'll show you with these pictures :D

Oke that all. Ohh, before that mestilah nak tanya. Puasa penuh ke tak? Kalau tanya saya mestilah tak penuh. Hehehe. Baju raya tahun ni warna apa? Saya pilih purple, ada yang sama tak? Heee xD Dah dapat duit raya belum? Saya hari ni belum raya pon dah dapat. Sekeping not RM50 from my uncle because today dia dah balik KL ada keje. Sila jeles :) Hmmm, jangan main mercun tahu! Nak main ajak saya sekali. Haha. Mana yang drive tu, drive elok-elok. Pandu Cermat Jiwa Selamat. #Pesanan Penaja. Haha! Okelah lastly dengan kesempatan ini saya mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir Batin kepada yang mana pernah terguris hati dan perasaan. Zero Zero oke? :) Nah laa ambik Kad Raya ni. Ni je yg mampu ambik dekat google. Hahahaha >.<