October 16, 2012

Just being you

It just happened. Allah is fair. Nobody is perfect. Me? I have a lot of thing that I couldn't do, I couldn't reach, I couldn't get. It's beautiful when see somebody get what they want, reach what they dreams and they have an awesome life. Jealousssss! Hehe. But I'm not regreted my life. I'm happy now. I love my life now :') I have a my family, my friends around me. I know they love me. I know it but if not, I pretend that they love me too. Haha. Ada ke patut? Bole ke? Haha :D But the question is do they really understand me?

Just being you. You should understand them, not wait for them to understand you. It is better to take care of their heart for being hurt because of you. Talking about heart, I have to take care of many heart especially for someone special and friends mostly. To my family I can handle it. It's not a problem to me. Friend is important. Really important :) It is important to continue life. Don't break their heart. You maybe can die to live alone. What the most I hate is for being alone. It so scary. I don't want to be alone. Hehehe. I have a lot of friends. A lot. But in this case, I'm curious about who is my actually true friend? True friend that can share our problem together, crying together, believe in me and accept me who I am. Not in happy time only. Sorry I'm not a person who can story about my problems face to face. I like to keep it by myself. Sometimes, I do crying on my bed when my heart hurt. I do many time. Haha. Isk isk isk. Silly me :') I love crying on my bed because no want can see it. Heee. And when I wake up for another morning, it's like my problem is gone and I can start for a new day. Yesterday is teaching me how to improve me for being a good person. Hmmmmm. So at last who gonna to take care of my heart? Hehehe. Nevermind lah. I'll take care of myself :') Heee.

Alahaiii, kuat mengadu betul saya ni kan. Tapi opinion ni macam betul je bila orang cakap someone who look the happiest have a lot of pain inside. They sometime give a fake smile. Orang yang betul betul kenal dia baru tau bila dia sedih atau gembira. Hmmm, sayakan selalu cakap saya tak ada perasaan. Bukan tak ada tapi buat buat tak ada. Heee :D Yelaa, banyak betul kurangnya diri ini. Ermmm oke, macam ni lah kalau dah start merepek. Hehe. Oke oke. Before I go, here I'm really want to apologize everyone who I have done make them hurt. I didn't mean it. Seriously!

Minta maaf sangat. I love you :')