November 2, 2012


Here are call 'musim exam' that big examination are around SPM and STPM. I think in some university have mid sem or final examination too. So those who are the victims, I wish the best of luck for you guys, read basmallah before open and read a first question then tawakal and lastly don't forget pray to Allah SWT. Ohh, especially to my lil brother and sister in SMK Alor Akar. Don't get nervous and doa sebanyak mungkin oke :)

Haaaaa, this is important don't get sick! Hmmm, let me share my history, oke I got a high fever around 39.7 degrees during SPM. Starting when Additional Mathematics, Chemistry and Physic paper. That my killer subject not only to me but everyone, agree? When in Add Math and Chemistry paper my fever is quite oke. It start go higher when Physic paper come around. Ayoyoyo -.- Seriously memang dah lembik waktu tu. The doctor said maybe I can get dengue if my fever not calm down in 3 days. The conclusion, I not touch any physic books while all my friends who take this paper studying really hard. But me? Haaa, terlentang je lah atas katil tengok je lah diorang study. Dah redha. Ohhh, lupa nak mention yang that time I am staying in hostel study together with my lovely friends. Continue my story, nak tau apa saya buat time jawab paper tu? I lie down my head on a table, I read the question, I answer the question that I just know. Dengan tak tau nak jawab apa, tak sempatlah nak menghabiskan jawab semua soalan. The teacher who guarding our paper was standing besides me to collect my paper. In front of her I mark all my answer follow my heart. This for my objective question. Hentam sajalah labu! Haha :( Then I walk out from the examination hall, go to my friend crying hardly. Isk isk isk :'( But alhamdulillah my physics result not fail but just D. The only subject that is not credit -.-

#So for the candidates, please not get sick or whatever. Jaga kesihatan tau :) Good Luck! Fighting!

Ohhh dah panjang melalut kan? Actually for this entry I want story about my part time job with no salary about be a teacher for my cousin :D Jyeahhh! Hahaha. Bukannya ingat sangat nak ajar tu. But at least, I hope I can help her a lil bit. Especially for Mathematic :) Manage her study schedule. Jangan bagi dia tidur je bila study Sejarah. Hahaha. Bagi dia karoke dalam laptop, makan, jalan-jalan dulu bila rasa mengantuk. Huu. Hmmm, study smart not study hard! Oke best of luck to her!