December 30, 2012

Maria Elena

Ahaks ahaks ahaks! The laughing trademark of Maria Elena. Hahaha :D Who is she? She is a blogger like Fatin Suhana and Hanis Zalikha. So now they become famous and more famous. Huu.
Oke straight to the point. Actually I love to see, read, hear, and watch Maria Elena blog and youtube video. The way she talk randomly, her expression, attitude, her positive thinking about human, and the best part when she with her boyfriend, fiance and now her husband, Asfirdaus.  I really really like. A very sporting woman. Adoreable. Hehe :D The couple is very cute together really cute. First time I see the newly wed like them that do a dance and take a "sengal" pictures a lot in front of guest. Haha. Ohh sangatlah envy of them. Heee >.< Actually my friend introduce her to me and now I introduce Maria Elena to you guys :) My suggestion who do not know about her anymore, search her name in youtube "Maria Elena" and watch her video or for more details click her blog

So today, I can't wait to watch her wedding at;
Raikan Cinta, channel 104 (Astro Ria), Sunday, 30th of December 2012 at 7.00pm!

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