December 3, 2012

Semester 4

Yeay! Now semester 4 was began. Everything was new. New subject. New lecturer. New situation. But old friends and college that was Beringin 14 again. Hehe :) Ermmm, what is my target for this sem? Haaaaa! STAY WITH 3 POINTER ABOVE AND DON'T FALL :D I know I can do it. Aminnn. Lemma share with you about what I must learn for this sem. The subject name is so wowww! to hear :O They are Introducing Hydrographic Surveying, Geodetic Studies, Survey Computations, Fundmentals of Photogrammetry, Principles of Cartography and Fundamentals of Land Laws and Regulation. The subjects quite awesome but don't know how tough that subjects. We'll see soon :) 

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