December 5, 2012


Assalamualaikum :)

For the 1st week of semester, some of lecturer still didn't show up in class. So we waiting and waiting still curious about who will teached us such an awesome subject. But not had one came. Oke nevermind because it's 1st week :) Some of others subject like Geodesy and Land Laws just started the class. Introduction of that subject we learn excitedly :D Butttt! Here we should did a presentation replaced for the practical. Ayoyo -.- Actually it's quite tough to me to present in front of all student semester 4 in one hall. One hall? Ohhh, I really really like it -.- Ohmaiii~ It's challenge me because I should present in front of him and others friends yang selalu kacau aku tu? Hmmm, what I should do? 2 subjek kot. Oke terpaksa! Jangan gabra, jangan gelabah. Oke relax. Smile. Cool down :) I know I can do it. Yes I am! Pleaseeeee. Fuhhh~

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