January 13, 2013

Pantai Merdeka

Kuukir namamu
Di awan Gunung Jerai
Disaksikan laut daun nyiur melambai
Jauh pandangan permai
Disitu Tanjung Dawai terkenang peristiwa
Cinta kita terurai

Oh! Indahnya... peristiwa...
Cinta kita di Pantai Merdeka...

-Cinta Pantai Merdeka by Tropika-

Haaaa, Assalamualaikum! Do you know where is Pantai Merdeka? Pantai Merdeka is at Sungai Petani, Kedah. Actually this song not related to what I wanna say in this post. Heeee. Saja nak mention lagu ni supaya korang boleh tau :D Why I go to this beach? It is because of my Hydrography Practical :) First expression to the beach is blurrr -.- I ingat cantik laa jugak sampai ada orang buat lagu. But the fact of the beach is nothing. I don't know where the attraction of this beach. Sampai ada resort. Oke lantak lah. Huhu :)

I am here for 4 days and 3 night :) 5 busses with 180++ Geomatic Students and lecturers. 4 homestays, 2 for the boys and 2 for the girls. My homestay was about 43 students slept there. Kita kena tidur lantai selama 4 hari dengan takde selimut. Nasib beralaskan tikar. Kesian kann? Hehe xD *balik sakit badan*

8/1/13: We did our job the day we're arrived after briefing. It had only 3 group, AP120, AP121 and AP122. Combination of the classes. Me? AP122 for sure :) Doing traverse with 15 chainage and should be closed. The scale must high than 1:8000. Haaa, agak complicated sikit hari ni sebab semua berebut nak buat.

9/1/13: Second day, some students go to Tanjung Dawai over the beach went do Levelling. They went there by a boat. Awesome right? Hehe :D Some of them doing traverse and it must be done by that day. First time naik bot ni. Hehe. Ternyata kemabukan laut itu tiada :)

10/1/13: It was different for this day. We learned a new chapter in a practical. It was related with the beach. Some students went to Tanjung Dawai again stay there and read Mean Sea Level for every 10 minutes. Some students, stay on the land attack the point of prism and read the bearing, distance and times. Some of students, went to the middle of the beach average around 800m from the land, mark the point at the ecosounder system when someone shout 'FIX' (from the land) to read the depth of the sea. This practical call Sounding. In the night, we had BBQ party. Hehe. Seriously, it were a lot of seafood such as prawns, cuttlefish, fish and shells and others like KFC, beef, nasi goreng and 'jajan'. Kenyang sangat!

11/1/13: Today the last day, we must back to Arau at 10 o'clock in the morning :) Had a great moment  ♥ #sorry yee kalau macam tak paham sikit sebab kita tak reti nak explain mcm mana, hanya yg paham je yg paham. hee -.- 


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