March 16, 2012


Dear Friend, 
Why this late of semester I feel that I wanna lose you. Why you be so stubborn to make our friendship being like this. Are you happy with your life now? I feel so. hmmmmm.
Firstly sorry friend, I interrupt your problem with my sweety friend, Miss.E. I think, I can understand your feeling toward her. It is normal. Nobody laughing  to you but maybe she is not for you and you can get another more good, care and understand girl than her. She is not yours. So I think you understand her and let her go and you should be a bestfriend for her. Not runaway from her just like this. Poor me and another friend. Terkena tempias sekali tau. Sorry again my word not really mean that this is your totally fault. Aku tak sebelah kan sesiapa. Please make this come back to normal. It should never happen. Yeeee, actually aku pon terasa dengan kau. And make me feel more sad that I was send you 3 message. 2 Good luck message but until now you not reply even a single message to me and I did'nt receive any message from you. Why? Sebelum nie takde pon macam nie kann. Kadang, kau laa org first yg rajin hantar message goodluck dekat kami semua dulu kann. Hmmm. My positive thinking that your running out of credit, just the only reason. This is a friend that call BFF suppose to do? We friend from aged 13. But now? Tegur dalam Facebook pon dah takde tapi aku tau kau online, message lagi laa takde kann. Yeahhh, I'll make myself to understand you. Maybe you really really busy right? I hold your principe;
"Diam tak bermakna benci, Senyap tak beerti sombong, Sepi tak bermaksud lupa" 
I hope you are not a friend like "Dapat yang baru, yang lama dilupakan". I think you're not this kind of person. But buat yang aku rasa lagi sedih nanti bila nak balik kuantan nie. Masing-masing dah renggang. So rasa janggal tuh ada. Baru je aku nak ajak lepak sama. Aku balik bukannya selalu. Hmmmm. Oke, I feel so sorry if I make you really touch with my word. I know I have a mistake toward you. So give me a forgiveness please. Lastly, I am curious about this status;
"Wehh kawan, aku bukan tak nak contact kau tapi kau yang nak aku buat macam tuh. So aku dah buat apa yang kau nak. Settled! Lagi satu, kau nasihat dekat kawan kau tuh, kalau dah ada pakwe buat macam dah ada. Memahami arh sikit.-Please terasa"
Kepada sape yang kau tujukan sebenarnya? Aku tak nak ada salah faham antara kawan-kawan. So I think we friend for a long time. It should never happen. Kita kawan sangat rapat. Tolong jangan sia-siakan macam tuh je. If you feel that the same way with us. Please, maafkan kami semua. Or you think your new friends can give you more happiness, make your own ways.
But one thing you must know that all of us miss the old you, please come back !
(Let me know if I was wrong about you)

#From sincerely friend, Irah Emyshah