April 20, 2012


Hai readers :)
Oke before I start my typing about the title I post, I like to tell that after this I want to paint my room. Jyeahhhhhh! Its actually just one side of my room wall only that I want paint then. HAHA! Its light yellow colour. I've don't buy this kind of paint colour but a little balance paint come from my grandmother home that I call 'Wan'. She charge me to paint her new kitchen but not totally new. Its the old kitchen that make it more bigger. So it is fine, light yellow! I'll start to design my room look more beautiful and maybe I want draw on it then. HAHA :)

Back to the topic, actually it is relate from my story up. Every times I'm always dream about how can I'll design everything to make it nice. Hold the title designer. Its love to here people call me a designer. Its gorgeous, HAHA! From childhood I dream to become a designer. What kinds of designer maybe Interior designer, Industrial Designer and Architecture of course. That my ambition :')
But Allah SWT wrote early of my fate. Never mind, I accept it with my open heart. I follow the way that have with happy now. Its oke :) The way now, I've an idea that use my superiority of my hand to make money from what I have done. But the big problem here, I don't have money to start my 'business' as Modal.
HAHAHA, Usahawan Muda kan dulu ^^
So whatever. It just a dream that one day I hope it will come true. Amin :)