May 1, 2012


I felt for the latest of the day my luck did not in a good luck. I know at last it become like this. I am expected. Maybe it a lot of reason that I still can't reach my target. Allah was wrote your fate. Believe in Qada' and Qadar Allah. Hmmmmm, all people know Uitm Semester result was out past of many days. Haha. I know I did my best on my answer booklet but I know what part is hard that I can't answer it. So my result was become lower. Of course my CGPA was become lower. Never mind laaa Irah, you can't compare your result with friends that another course programme. It totally different. It shame when friends ask me. I am not excellent like them. Alhamdulillah, when you can pass it. Please become more focus on your study, Irah. Get back your CGPA. Take it more serious. Don't play and messy around anymore. I know you can. What becoming next? Can I become like I'm imagine?