February 20, 2013

Tradisional Kontemperori

Hai everyone!

Long time no see :D Miss to write blog again. Because I very busy with assignment, test and mental problem. A lit bit stress. Sick. Not enough sleep. pity me. Huu. Oke rileks and cool. Actually my title for this post is about theme of our faculty dinner. Poor this semester cause I think something wrong somewhere like not reach a level of high interesting. The feeling like ermmmm, haaa? Pergi kenduri! Hahaha. Like people from any region go to kenduri, kenduri 1 Malaysia kot. Yaaaa, because the students have wear baju kurung, baju melayu, kebaya, sari, china and indian style. Hmmm, everybody got style in their own. Beautiful, handsome, awesome and amazing. Girls with their make up on the face. Boys like always 'sempoi'. About food? Hmmm, betul-betul mcm kenduri lah. Nasi minyak je. We pay RM10. Oke tak berbaloi -.- Yaa, advantage to dean list 'free'. Haaaa, padan muka I laa kan? So after this must got dekanlah! :D About King and Queen of the night? Oke tak nak komen pasal tu -.-

Ini sahajalah :)

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