March 4, 2013

Inspired by :)

Assalamualaikum Roket Kertas :)

Story mory with Adele's song pluss Paramore's behind >.< Lagi bakar semangat nak tulis entry ni. Wowww! Heeee :D Inilah ceritanya haaa, my RM250 voucher already used. Heee. For the last RM50 I bought a FIXI book. Actually the book my sister yang start perkenalkan. Nampak macam cool kan dengan title the only one sentence pluss cover dia yang cun and gempak tu. Haaa, dengan ayat bebas even have sentences and back story yang pelik pelik and ***** tu but the book still interesting make us wanna know more and more. Hehehe. Lastly I melekat layan buku ni. Hoho. I already stalk for a long time. I already read the synopsis for each book their sold and attractiveness for this 5 books Kelabu, Sumbat, Bisik, Licik and Cekik. Ermmm, but I just bought for this three only because not enough money laa. Yelaa, my voucher only had RM50 left. Lagi 2 buku and yang lain-lain tu nanti lah dulu. Huhu. Anyone wanna sponsor me? Hehehe :D

Haaa, one more story! You see that my laptop with many line tu? There is my housing house that I must done by next week. Report lab, Survey Computatio subject. Terer tak buat rumah? Kau ado? Hehehe. Haaa, meh laa sini kalau ada job kan. Give it to me. Ohhh, don't play play maaa (PCK)! Even I just stay in my house *goyang kaki* doing this, can have a high salary meh :D oke mata duitan! Haaa, you see that FIXI book's. That are inspired me :)

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